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720k saved in a year

127% better productivity

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We improve the employee's happiness and the work environment by giving voice to each worker, but we also save you money and make your startup compete with top ones. Our plans are 100% customized and based on your needs.

Project Manager

Just last year we saved to all of our clients +720k with just outsourcing. Our HR management plan offers unlimited outsourcing. Just tell us what you need we will find you the best, for the best price and serve as manager during all process!
Our founders improve their productivity! We do monthly reports about the team like the ones who did extra hours or the ones that, maybe need a bonus. Shest also manages from the payments and new enrolls to schedule holidays and temporary staffing.

Inside management

You will have a full-time person that you can contact any time and will be the expert of your startup. Our management plan is perfect for startups with no HR manager or only one manager which is not enough to do all the work.

Employee happiness

We increase brands employment reputation by over 40%. By improving the actual benefits and adding new perks. Each of these benefits will be 100% customized to each employee. We truly listen to them thanks to 1-to-1 monthly coaching.

More amazing benefits

What we offer to your team!

24/7 management support

Team activities and challenges

Daily tips and feedback

Unlimited education and training

Psychological appointments

Monthly 1-to-1 career coaching

+30 leisure perks and discounts

(NEW) Happiness detail box

Increase employees happiness by 41% and save on average 76k per year