What is a rockstar worker?

What is a rockstar worker?

The team of Shest Media have been entrepreneurs in the past or have been working in startups in all stages. For us is important to have the team involved with the startup environment. And after many years of being active members in the startup and recruitment world, we get a profile of the perfect match for a startup. Going further than the abilities and experience because that depends a lot of the role we get the aptitudes and the attitude that your next worker should have. 

The rockstar worker

Techcrunch, INC, Fortune… Talks a lot about the rockstar entrepreneurs. Does entrepreneurs that are always in the public eye. Some cause controversy, others are great adventurers or great scientists. But everyone fits in that they want to do something big with their company beyond profit. Provide real impact. And just this happens with real rockstar workers. 

Even we don´t see them in the news because they are not the visible face. These employees give always 150% on their work. In most cases, they are not even part of the C-suite and have a normal profile inside the company. But are in charge of the success of the company. 

These people love their job and what they are doing and love having flexibility in their jobs. In most cases, these rockstar entrepreneurs want to join seed or pre-seed startups and grow with the company. They want to make a difference with their work and see the results of their work. But how to find these talents? How they are… Or better who they are? 


Probably if you are starting a startup or have one you heard about the side projects – most startups start like that- and how more people start one each day. This worker owns a side project may be a personal blog where they talk about their skills, a small agency or freelance jobs to win more experience, a SaaS… They love the process of creating and more than startups world they are bound to the entrepreneur class. Most of them add this to their CV or on their website.

Not in vain many rockstar entrepreneurs leave the company after several years to embark on their path. Or others write books and create public speakers careers in parallel. Thus becoming references.

Self-taught person

Depending on the role this people must have a degree, like for example a lawyer or a doctor, but in 2019 and the next year’s education has changed a lot. Most of these people have started studying their actual career when they where really young. Another, complement the actual education with a lot of books, courses… They just love education and keep learning. Is hard to put in a CV the books you have read or the courses you take. So you should ask this on the actual interview.

Proactive and problem solvers

Most earl stages company can give employees a lot of perks like the gym, free meals, new hardware… But probably they now that and if they still apply is because they love the initiative and want to bootstrap with the brand. That is really important to put the insights and vision of the company in the description. 

The employees who want to work for your startup love change — and love being a part of making those changes happen. They don’t want to always be told what to do. They want to help decide what to do. Which is perfect for you, because you’ll need all the ideas and support. 

So basically does are some main skills that you should look to have your next employee as a startup. We know recruitment takes a lot of time and find these people is difficult. That´s why we started Shest! To help startups grow by recruiting real talent. We have a low fee and offer six-month money-back… We can offer this because we trust our 97% success match!